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Monday 2/25/2002 - Dump Guy Problems, Ozzie bootlegs, and Kimmy from Survivor II.
We start with Opie concerned about management.
They then talk about Wilson, a basketball player, who was reckless with a shotgun. He is charged with, “hyjinx and shenanigans”. The guy turned himself in after he threw a party. Anthony asks where in the constitution is there “Entitled to a party”?
Opie says, “This is going to be an interesting day.”
More talk about a meeting that is going to happen tomorrow. They don’t know what the meeting is about. They are concerned with what it is about. Referring to the basketball player story, they think that they will be charged with, “2 counts of horse play 1 count grab ass” and also “charged with tom-foolery”.

They talk about the Hell’s Angel fight. Anthony says “I don’t think the Hell’s Angels were going to get a party.”

Norton is angry that they are dumping “yellow discipline” and is being censored. Opie and Anthony are upset that "they" are also dumping other “made-up words” such as “cunk” and “balloon knot”. Opie says that they are “not allowed to say cunk anymore.” They are upset that they could not say these imaginary words. The analogy is given that:
Kreg just was just following orders .

Opie thinks that the AC(Adult Contemporary) format will need lots of people.

Stacy calls in and says that O&A can pour lambs' blood all over her. Norton is concerned that it might offend someone. They are concerned that the lawyers will screw things up. Anthony impersonates the lawyers by saying, “we will protect you guys. ” Anthony is concerned that the lawyers will protect themselves outside the door of the studio. Opie mentions the light AC final solution for WNEW. “Light WNEW” is mentioned. ”I did everything that they told me to do”, Anthony impersonates from a company man. They think that those people will get restaurant jobs. “Get the fries up.” Light WNEW: The Best Light Music All the Time. Opie says he will give Rick a board to their raft. Anthony mentions that Kreg never left his dump button post when the ship was sinking. O&A will get on the life-raft. Kreg will rather go down dumping than save himself.

Michelle plays “Hey guess what’s in my pants?” O&A are angry that something is getting dumped(probably the sound of her rubbing). Tell her not to stop rubbing since it sounds so soft and is causing delay problems as they leave for break.

A guy calls in a rubs it on his pubbes. Anthony thinks it is an 8 o’clock shadow while Opie thinks it is a 5 o’clock shadow. The guys says that it is a 6:30 shadow.
Anthony is upset that they cut their bit apart with the dump button. (San Francisco is up a point in the ratings with the guy rubbing the phone on his pubes.) Ken will probably will say it is okay. O&A say that, “Your job is on the fly if it can or cannot air”, to the dump guy.
Caller Dave asks if it a wood floor for the women caller who want to play “Guess what’s in my Pants?” Opie says it was a Hitler wood floor. Ant does the sound of each of the choices.

They speak of Ozzie Osborn. Norton says he will drink out of his mule who sent the bootlegged Ozzie videos from old 80s-90s concerts. Norton should have said, “Drink from weasel”, as not to offend anyone. They mention the dump guy and people who complain are like the Hall monitor s and they are company men and should suck it. Brian sent the bootleg Ozzie video tapes and songs. They talk about how bad video quality is for pirated videos.
Opie give tips how to pirate videos using ticket master and faking the tripod as a person. Notron likes Ozzie Osborn because, “Ozzie does not know the lyrics to his own songs.” Opie tells of bootlegging Springstein. They listen to a bootlegged Ozzie concert. Anthony thinks someone will make a copy of the concert from their replay: “Dude I got an ozzie bootleg bootleg!” “Ozzie” calls in. Anthony thinks Ozzie can afford a lot of pinball machines.

A fan took a bus to O&A to qualify for 55-galloon drum challenge.
Opie hints that, "a guest who used to be famous she will be on next.”

They talk about Ozzie again.

Opie brings in the un-famous guest: Kimmy from Survivor II. She tells of her boyfriend who she does not know what his job is( guido?). Anthony infers that he is in the mob.
12 years Gary is annoyed with her saying, “ahh be quite”. She talks about air bubbles in reference to the 6 o’clock bit.

Stalker Patty has Breaking News.
Opie says they were to break her foot live on the show, but no. Ed the assistant to a doctor calls in. He said she screamed. She is on some basic pain killers. All she wanted to do is listen to O&A during the surgery. Doctor finally calls in says she was a trooper. He plugs WoundedCare.tv . She has to wear a boot. She has crutches. Opie mentions that she says “what” every time. Anthony says that he can give her drugs to make her feel better. Anthony says he is not paying for the other foot because it is too expensive.

There is talk about how Norton washed Kimmy after her wip cream pictures.
Frenchy and a caller verbally fight.

O&A have girls come for 55-galloon drum challenge pre-trials. They will put lamb’s blood in super soakers.
Caller talks about boyfriend who is Arab. Anthony rages against liberal Pakistanies.

A contestant tries out. She will do a handstand while disciplining herself….
Opie mentions that the sandy kane pictures with Paul O is on Foundry Music

A guy from Austin calls. He says there are only two commercials per show where he is listening too: which are for
adult videos and strip clubs.
Anthony mention that they are selling another “F” potion in WNEW.

They do a stunt with a girl who wants to qualify for the 55-galloon drum challenge.
“Thirsty girl, aren’t ya?”, Norton says. Anthony says that they will never discuss this event again. Anthony impersonates the dead famous self-help painter who does a river and then a lake by saying things like, “it is your world” and “Jim Norton is going for a swim.” And also says , “happy little mud bog.”

An 18 year old girl from Cleveland is coming to New York. She will eat brains out of a skull in bra. {Eww! Hannibal anyone?}

Controversy if contestant trying-out was wearing jeans when Norton came in when she was changing.

Frenchy is declared the: “offical French chef for the Opie and Anthony Show.”

Contestant’s zipper is undone. Anthony says Norton is muscling his unit.

Crazy French girl calls in Michelle AKA Frenchette. Athony mentions she sounds like she is in the French helium factory. She talks about fried sheep testicles.

They mention that the Naughty Nightie Contest winner will be declared tomorrow..

It is 6 o’clock queef time. O&A stall this time so listeners can watch the girl. She is parked next to “Adult World.” Many listeners spotted her.

Kimmy likes to do it in public.

Chris even after not being on for 6 months she is still an annoying twat beoch.
Derk says “ logs live in mud bog”.
“Another queef ended, did you hear that?”
For people that are rich enough, murder is shenanigans.
Tomorrow you will be paying for your own time. – reference to the Greaseman who has to get his own sponsors and pay for his own time.
Dump guy has a quick finger. – a guy curses on the air.
Grey hound should be named Muff hound.
Norton likes inaudible Ozzie bootlegs over the perfectly clear CDs.
Ratings are overrated.
Kimmy from Suvivor VII cannot queef unless she is getting nailed.
Jeff said “ Management must die.”
Patso Rizzo.
O&A dump button guy is a priest with a mule in his mouth.
Patty’s feet got screwed before she did.
You cannot stubble on the radio but you can curse in French.

Double L C qualifies for the 55 galloon challenge.
Lamb brains and sheep blood will be involved in the contest……


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